tox colors the output of py.test if term=dumb on windows

Issue #250 on hold
Anthon van der Neut created an issue

If the output of py.test is unreadable because of the color scheme on windows, you can use set term=dumb to suppress coloring. This works only partly when running tox, because tox own output gets de-colored, but the output from py.test within that output is colored.

(Is the TERM env. variable not passed on by tox?)

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  1. Ronny Pfannschmidt

    does this also happen on tox 1.9, this might be a regression from introducing the environment variable isolation, also compare with passenv=TERM please

  2. Anthon van der Neut reporter

    tox 1.9 doesn't have this problem (i.e. the output is all readable, not colored), so it looks like a regression (had not been working with tox on windows that much before making winpysetup.exe to have noticed)

    Using set passenv=TERM has no effect on either of 2.0 or 1.9.

    (BTW I like the highlighting but on a default black command com the contrast is too low for me to be able to read the error text).

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