passenv statement should accept multi-line list

Issue #259 on hold
Federico Ressi created an issue

It would be useful to insert a large list of environment variables to 'passenv' instead of inserting a single long line.

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  1. Stefano

    I second this request. I am afraid that this would break backwards compatibility though, and the passenv option is clearly specified as SPACE-SEPARATED-GLOBNAMES in the documentation anyway.

    I have been (unsuccessfully) trying to modify the tox tests and code so that both styles work, i.e.

    passenv =
                 VAR1 VAR2


    passenv =

    but since the configuration specifies that the passenv option should be a space-separated-list I haven't found a way to keep the old behavior without "hacking" the passenv method in

    Interestingly, if I change the passenv parameter to be of type line-list (and the test accordingly) the glob pattern still works and the test passes.

    An advantage that I see in having a multi-line list is the ability to add comments. For example:

    passenv =
                 # for Xvfb
                 # for node-gyp

    Such comments document why the variables need to be passed and help to maintain the tox.ini file. If, for example one does not need Xvfb any more, they'll know that they can safely remove DISPLAY from passenv.

    If someone has any pointers, I'll try and make this work.

  2. Holger Krekel repo owner

    Thanks for the PR and the discussion. I think allowing multi-line-list and splitting each non-comment line by hand would be workable. We need to check/test then that it works with factor-syntax (but i think it should). It should be backward compatible unless i am mistaken.

    @stefano-m could you try this multi-line-list approach?

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