tox `-a` option to activate virtualenv only

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Jan Vlčinský (TTR) created an issue

Apart from running tests in virtualenvs, tox seems to be very good tool for creation of virtualenv.

This is what I understood from

I found this feature very handy but now I find myself very often typing:

$ source .tox/py27/bin/activate

to activate one of the created envs.

Proposal: add option --activate or -a to tox allowing just to activate one of created virtualenvs without running tests as follows:

$ tox -a py27

Currently I am using function, which does something like that for me:

$ function a() { source $1/bin/activate ; }
$ a .tox/py27
$ (py27)

which has nice advantage, that tab completion for virtualenv directories helps me to hit even very complex names.

Anyway, this requires some local system optimization and is not an option for MS Windows (I guess, someone could write a script for MS Windows, but this is extra hurdle).

I like the virtualenvwrapper tool, which can make using virtualenvs much simpler. Alternative idea is to have new virtualenvwrapper provided command $ workontox working in the same manner as it does today by workon, but using virtualenvs defined by tox. Alternative name for such command would be atox.

To make my proposal clear: this issue is proposing addition of -a option to tox.

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