tox uses ancient pip/setuptools

Issue #282 on hold
qMax created an issue

when creating env it installs pip-1.5.4, setuptools-2.2 current versions are pip-7.1.2, setuptools-18

I believe the project tox is dead.

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  1. Florian Bruhin

    tox just invokes virtualenv. On my system (on Archlinux), that installs pip 7.1.2 and setuptools 18.2. I'm guessing your system (Ubuntu Trusty?) just comes with such ancient versions.

    Needless to say, this assumption is wrong and unfounded.

  2. Holger Krekel repo owner

    if you run tox -v you should see which virtualenv is picked up for creating the env. Also, which tox versions are you using? On which operating system? The issue you report is unknown to me, haven't seen it popping up so without more context there is not much we can do to help.

  3. qMax reporter

    I've occasionally installed tox using pip2 instead of pip3. And my python2.7 environment is indeed pretty ancient. With python3 everything works fine.

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