tox startup is very slow due to and .tox virtualenvs

Issue #293 on hold
Luke Plant created an issue

The issue is described here:

It could be considered a performance bug in setuptools, but fixing that is looking quite hard. I'm wondering if fixing it via tox would be better - after all, tox is triggering the really poor performance of by putting thousands of files in the working directory, and then suffering from it.

Solution 1: specify a toxworkdir outside the package directory -

The problem with this is that it is difficult to find a place which would be appropriate when you consider multiple people working on a project, possibly on different platforms. Also, it needs to be applied in every project that notices the problem.

Solution 2: have a different default value for toxworkdir, something like ~/.cache/tox/virtualenvs/{project} , where {project} gets substituted by something appropriate, like a mangled version of the working directory, perhaps combined with a platform name or something. This might also address issue #44

This is a significant pain point for me on multiple projects, I'd be willing to work on a solution if at acceptable approach were suggested.

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