Support loading environments from external files

Issue #295 on hold
Timothy Allen created an issue

Currently tox allows you to define a bunch of test environments in a single tox.ini file, which is a great way to help multiple contributors to a single project stay in sync.

However, I have many small projects with differing release schedules, and I want them all to be consistent with each other. Copy/pasting tox.ini changes from project to project is error-prone and tedious, so I want a way to put environment configuration in a central location and make each project include it by reference, possibly overriding some settings.

For example, let's say I always want to be warned about code with a McCabe complexity over 10. I could make a separate file containing:

    flake8 --max-complexity 10

...then all my projects' tox.ini files could say something like:


...and when tox saw that setting, it could download the file, parse it, and then update it with the contents of the local tox.ini.

As an alternative to downloading a file every time tox is run, perhaps inherit_from could be an absolute or relative path (relative to the directory containing tox.ini) so that the extra settings could be distributed via SVN externals or git submodules.

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  1. Ronny Pfannschmidt

    An inheritance model is tricky to get right

    URLs are a huge security hazard

    References into pzthon packages on the other hand might be nice

  2. Timothy Allen reporter

    Tox already has an inheritance model of some kind: the testenv:py27 section inherits settings from the testenv section. It would be nice to have a sophisticated and clever inheritance model, but whatever the existing code does would be enough to start with.

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