Tox test suite should check for available python installations

Issue #30 on hold
David Shrewsbury
created an issue

Running the test suite fails on systems that do not have older versions of Python installed (2.5, 2.6, etc.). It would be nice if the tox tests took this into account so that developers adding new features can run the test suite without having the older versions.

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  1. David Shrewsbury reporter

    Example failure output when run on Ubuntu 12.04:

    ========================================================== FAILURES ==========================================================
    ____________________________________________________ test_report_protocol ____________________________________________________
    newconfig = <function newconfig at 0x2464f50>
        def test_report_protocol(newconfig):
            config = newconfig([], """
            class Popen:
                def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
                def communicate(self):
                    return "", ""
                def wait(self):
            session = Session(config, popen=Popen,
            report =
            venv = session.getvenv("py26")
    >       report.expect("logpopen")
    E       AssertionError: looking for logpopen('*'), no reports found at >=1 in [('using', 'tox.ini: /tmp/pytest-14/test_report_protocol0/tox.ini'), ('logaction', <tox._cmdline.Action object at 0x273c050>), ('verbosity0', '  create: no existing environment found')]
    /mnt/disk2/shrews/Devel/mercurial/tox/tests/ AssertionError
    ------------------------------------------------------ Captured stdout -------------------------------------------------------
    ('using', 'tox.ini: /tmp/pytest-14/test_report_protocol0/tox.ini')
    ('logaction', <tox._cmdline.Action object at 0x273c050>)
    ('verbosity0', '  create: no existing environment found')
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