{env:} macro is not expanded in setenv if the default value contains {envdir}

Issue #301 on hold
Ihar Hrachyshka created an issue

The following tox target will not expand {env:} macro with the default value (the substitution for {envdir}):

[testenv:dsvm-functional] setenv = OS_ROOTWRAP_CMD={env:OS_ROOTWRAP_CMD:{envdir}} commands = env

$ tox -e dsvm-functional ... OS_ROOTWRAP_CMD={env:OS_ROOTWRAP_CMD:/home/vagrant/git/neutron-vpnaas/.tox/dsvm-functional} ...

Once I replace {envdir} with a hardcoded value, it expands {env:} correctly using the default value.

[testenv:dsvm-functional] setenv = OS_ROOTWRAP_CMD={env:OS_ROOTWRAP_CMD:XXX} commands = env

$ tox -e dsvm-functional ... OS_ROOTWRAP_CMD=XXX ...

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