Pip version 8 incompatibility (--download-cache option removed)

Issue #308 on hold
Waylan Limberg created an issue

When using tox version 2.3.1 and pip version 8.x I get the following error when tox attempts to install my "deps" (deps = -rtest-requirements.txt).

 no such option: --download-cache

ERROR: could not install deps [-rtest-requirements.txt]; v = InvocationError('/home/travis/build/waylan/Python-Markdown/.tox/py27/bin/pip install --download-cache=/home/travis/build/waylan/Python-Markdown/.tox/cache -rtest-requirements.txt (see /home/travis/build/waylan/Python-Markdown/.tox/py27/log/py27-1.log)', 2)

It is clear that tox is calling pip install with the --download-cache flag, which was deprecated in pip version 6.0 and removed in 8.0 (see release notes). Interestingly, after seeing the error on Travis, I tested on my local machine by first upgrading pip to version 8 before upgradting tox and on tox version 2.2.1 no error was raised with pip version 8. However, once I upgraded tox to 2.3.1 the error appeared.

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  1. Michele Lacchia

    I have this problem as well. However, downgrading tox to version 2.2.1 did not help. Any suggestions?

  2. Michele Lacchia

    Unfortunately that's not the case with my tox.ini file. I had to manually edit tox source to disable that option.

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