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Issue #337 on hold
Oliver Bestwalter created an issue

Code and issue handling should be moved to github.

The outstanding PRs would have to be reopened against github then, so the authors need to be informed and some kind of discussion summary/dump needs to be imported there.

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  1. John Mark Vandenberg

    Why? what is wrong with bitkeeper? tox currently uses hg (mercurial) not git, so the move would be a big change. If this is just a vote, I'm in favour, but that is only a personal preference rather than a technical issue.

  2. Oliver Bestwalter reporter

    pytest moved to Github a while ago and the experiences with it are good. As there is quite an overlap regarding developers working on both projects, the logical next step is to move tox development there as well. Last week there was a pytest/tox sprint with the core maintainers and more than 20 contributors and this was the general consensus.

  3. Oliver Bestwalter reporter

    BTW: I am sorry - I should have explained in the original report, that this was not my idea but just a recording of a decision that was already made. I just added the issue as a reminder during the sprint that this needs to be done.

  4. Oliver Bestwalter reporter

    @RonnyPfannschmidt what needs to happen next? Do we still need to verify the names here or is there another way? If this still needs to be done, I will do that during the next few days, as soon as you let me know.

    Could you outline the other steps, that need to be taken apart from that and give pointers how i can help?

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