Set environment variables based on ones in original environment

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Aleks Bunin created an issue

Up until 2.0 and full isolation, I had access to all variables I desired. Later -- I need to pass variables to the tox environment.

I need to have ability to either rename variable when it passed to the test environment.

For example, in my tests, I need to know where to get external executable, which is different in every virtualenv from which I will run tox.

For example:

Let's say I'm in virtualenv and have executable $VIRTUAL_ENV/v. I have VPATH variable which points me to it. In tox virtualenvs I'll need to setup new VPATH which will point {envdir}/v.

Currently I have to set VPATH_OUTSIDE prior to starting tox and use pass=VPATH_OUTSIDE in the [testenv].

How do I pass original VPATH?

I'd want something like this:

    VPATH = {envdir}/v

I've looked through the doc and didn't find usable solution. What happens in config above, is both VPATH and VPATH_OUTSIDE ending up to have same value.

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