Cross-section value substitution does not work for passenv.

Issue #349 on hold
Martin P created an issue

This is a minimal snippet from a tox.ini, but should be sufficient to reproduce the issue.

passenv = BUILD_URL


passenv = {[jenkins]passenv}
tox --showconfig | grep passenv

You would expect BUILD_URL to show up in the passenv value of that testenv section, but it does not. Doing the same thing with deps works.

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  1. Martin P reporter

    It looks like maybe the problem is broader than that. I'm unable to list more than one hardcoded value, be it through space separated in-line values or newline separated values. A workaround is to use the wildcard '*', but this seems less than ideal...

  2. Martin P reporter

    Looks like --showconfig will only show variables that are currently set.. in my case these were not.

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