add testenv-configuration for installer command

Issue #35 on hold
Marcus Smith
created an issue

pip and easy_install both support --find-links as an alternative to using an index server.

we use --find-link stores at my company to store our local distributions.

as it is, to use tox, we have to add the findlink directives to the pip config for the user account running tox.

instead of just adding options to pip/easy_install one by one you could consider just offering an "advanced" option to allow users to construct their own pip/easy_install commands in the config.

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  1. Carl Meyer

    I have a client with the same issue. @Holger Krekel can you offer any guidance on how you'd like to address it? I can put together a pull request either for an additional find-links tox option, or for a more general "construct your own pip command line" option. I lean towards the latter.

  2. Holger Krekel repo owner

    Hi Carl. OK, let's go for customizing installation commands. I think we need both one for "installer_deps" and "installer_package". Both should be [testenv*] variables. A PR also requires some docs and we may need to introduce a substituion-var to get access to the dependency name(s) and package location, respectively. I plan to do a 1.6 next week and am ready to review this week any proposed changes.

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