deps = {posargs}

Issue #351 on hold
John Vandenberg created an issue

Sometimes it is useful to install a set of packages to alter the behaviour of a test run.

Two cases where I have thought this was useful was with flake8-putty, where I install sets of plugins to check my plugin with. (obviously I would need to change things a little, adding a new testenv for using {posargs} as requirements instead of as filenames.

The current case is pyflakes, where I want to install packages into the venv and then check their syntax.

For deps = {posargs}, each positional argument would need to be a complete requirement with environment marker, i.e. any spaces wrapped in ".. ", and they would need to be added to the deps as a separate line for each argument.

deps = {posargs} currently crashes on

tox.ConfigError: ConfigError: substitution key 'posargs' not found

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