More verbose when installing deps!

Issue #353 on hold
Danilo J. S. Bellini created an issue

I've got some projects whose requirements take a long time until pip installs all the deps, e.g., projects that require scipy. Running such projects in a CI results in a timeout error before the installation finishes, due to the lack of new output for too long.

In the past I tried to install these packages as part of the commands, but as I said, it takes too long, that's not something I wish to reinstall every time I'm calling the tox for testing my code. And even if I call pip install -I in my commands, the CI wouldn't be able to distinguish between an installation error (the ones that might happen when I call tox --notest during installation) and an actual project failure. I think there should be a verbosity level that shows the installer outputs while it's installing the deps.

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