Feature proposal: add toxvars automatically to environment

Issue #356 on hold
Oliver Bestwalter created an issue

I am playing around with a test setup that includes lots of packages and I want to unify testing between them. Instead of having lots of redundancy in the tox.inis they would be kept simple and in sync by handling the details through a script that can be maintained centrally.

For example: Instead of saying

unittests: py.test --junitxml={posargs:{toxworkdir}}/{envname}.xml --cov-config tests/settings/.coveragerc --cov --cov-report html tests/unit

in tons of tox.inis, it would be (using a script called e.g. runtests that deals with the details):

unittests: runtests unit

To make that work I would have to do

setenv =
     TOX_ENVNAME = {envname}
     TOX_TOXINIDIR = {toxinidir}
     TOX_TOXWORKDIR = {toxworkdir}

I was wondering what you think about enriching the environment automatically with all values that are accessible in tox.ini via {value}?

you would do

addtoxvarstoenv = True

Or this could even be the default? That would add all of them in one fell swoop. Naming convention could be like above TOX_<name of value inside tox.ini>.

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