Add the cd and other shell built commands to whitelist

Issue #363 on hold
Jack Nicholson created an issue

I have the same issue as #156 and noticed that no one made a request to add the cd command.

Background: I have my tox.ini file in my root directory and my docs/ directory has a make file. I cannot call this make file without cd'ing to the directory first.

Although a pain, my workaround is to duplicate all the commands within the Makefile into tox.ini.

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  1. Holger Krekel repo owner

    cd is a shell builtin and changes the state of a shell, its current working directory which is then used for the next command. If we want cd in tox (and i agree it makes sense) then we need to extend the way tox interprets commands. Haven't looked into the code for this but i guess we need to have something like a "shellcontext" object which is passed around when executing commands so that we can implement a "cd" builtin which modifies it.

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