cannot see output on terminal with white background

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Doug Hellmann
created an issue

tox 1.4 assumes that bold white text is visible on all terminals. With a terminal configured for dark text on a light background (black on white), this assumption means portions of tox's output is entirely invisible.

For example, messages like "py27 sdist-reinst: …" as tox does its thing to set up my environment before actually running the tests appear as blank lines.

I have worked around this by piping the output of tox through tee so the library that changes the colors assumes it doesn't have a configurable terminal on stdout, but that's a pain. I would like some way to either disable the color output entirely or control the colors so I can see the output of tox.

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  1. Holger Krekel repo owner

    Actually i am using a black-on-white-background setting and it works fine (this is linux).

    Which environment and terminal program are you working with?

    One solution wrt to colors would be something like a TOX_COLORS environment variable. As a command line option it doesn't really make sense at least if it's part of other scripts - people have different terminal themes. Or am i missing something?

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