Customization of sdist packaging

Issue #43 on hold
C Ball
created an issue

Is it possible to pass arguments to I couldn't see how. Additionally, I might like to do this in a platform-specific way.

Specifically, my use case is this (from a mailing list post):

I'd like to build and test NumPy with Tox. On linux, this works fine (just "tox" with a standard tox.ini). However, on my Windows machine I need to pass "--compiler=mingw32" to NumPy's


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  1. E. Madison Bray

    Platform-specific options should probably be considered a separate issue (currently I just use a separate tox-win.ini for this purpose), though it would be nice to incorporate for this purpose.

    As for passing options to the build commands this has been biting me lately too, so +1. If this annoys me enough I'll make a PR for it.

  2. E. Madison Bray

    BTW, a not bad workaround specifically if you're using mingw32 is to add a pydistutils.cfg file to your home directory containing

    compiler = mingw32

    Note that on Windows the file still must be called pydistutils.cfg without a leading dot, even if it's in the mingw environment; this tripped me up the first time I tried this.

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