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Issue #46 on hold
Dirkjan Ochtman created an issue

It appears that tox (or at least the test phase) also depends on pytest and pip. Please make this explicit in the (and preferably also in the installation docs) to make life easier for packagers.

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  1. Dirkjan Ochtman reporter

    It would be nice to also include the dependencies in test_requires in tox.ini is not as standard (yet, at least!).

  2. Holger Krekel repo owner

    but even with test_requires you couldn't run the tests with tests - do you still want to have the deps listet here? (i don't really mind, it's just not useful too me and needs attention to keep in sync with tox.ini)

  3. Dirkjan Ochtman reporter

    Perhaps you could just add a comment that test dependencies are listed in tox.ini? This is just about making it easiers for packagers to find all the required dependencies to properly run the test suite (I've failed so far).

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