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Issue #62 on hold

tox doesn't recognize requirements have changed

Jonathan Eunice
created an issue

If I change the set of modules that setup.py requires (i.e. install_requires), tox (working with py.test) doesn't seem to recognize the change, and silently keeps using the same modules it was before. tox -r fixes this with a reload...but I usually forget to use -r until the tests break. It would be nice if tox recognized a need to reload on its own.

Comments (4)

  1. Holger Krekel repo owner

    unfortunately, the contents of setup.py are opaque to tox so it cannot safely automatically detect this case. However, maybe we could check if the setup.py changed at all and re-install including dependencies (current default is to not re-install dependencies when installing the package).

  2. Jonathan Eunice reporter

    I'm not sure what information tox looks at as part of the build process. Obviously when I change my module, tox knows enough to copy the files into the .tox virtualenv directories. And PACKAGE/.egg-info/requires.txt seems to describe the package versions required.

    I know it probably requires punching through an abstraction boundary to compare current requirements to pre-existing ones. OTOH, I'm depending on tox to orchestrate the entire build / test process, so it's a little disconcerting when it can't figure out something as straightforward and fundamental as module prerequisites have changed.

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