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Tox shouldn't call pip directly to avoid shebang limitations

Gustavo Picon
created an issue

When the python interpreter for an environment is in a deep directory hierarchy (in my case due to a jenkins matrix with 4 axis), tox will make a pip call like:


The shebang in this file has the full path for the python interpreter in the virtualenv. In one of my failing tests it was:


With a path length of 131 that exceeds linux's limitation of 127. Patching tox to call $PYTHON_BIN_PATH $PIP_BIN_PATH instead of just $PIP_BIN_PATH solves the problem.

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  1. Glen Nelson

    This is still an issue I hit (running tox 1.7.2). Has this been fixed in any newer versions and missed being closed, or is it still an open defect?


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