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Issue #69 on hold

Any interest in running Travis CI on tox? Here's how I did it...

Marc Abramowitz
created an issue

Not sure if this is useful or interesting, but here's a Travis CI build of tox — https://travis-ci.org/msabramo/tox/builds/3348092

I made a GitHub mirror of the tox Bitbucket repo (and had to make a few little hacks) to get all of the tests to pass

Mirror is at https://github.com/msabramo/tox; to create the GitHub mirror from the Bitbucket repo, I followed http://wiki.ddenis.com/index.php?title=Sync_BitBucket_and_GitHub

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  1. Holger Krekel repo owner

    In principle, i have interest, yes. I think we would need to automate the updating of the GIT repo. Question is if we could do this bi-directionally? Anyway, Once Ronny has completed his thesis (in a few weeks), he can maybe help. He did the pypy svn2hg conversion and knows much more regarding VCS than me.

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