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g2p created an issue

Was there any work towards implementing this spec?

I would find it very useful.

I also have a bit of feedback on the spec: Variant selection should be glob like, as in py{27,32,33}-mypkg* for example, globs being more familiar than a custom syntax. (If * is supported it shouldn't match the variant separator, otherwise one would end up with py27-mypkg13-mypkg14)

I would also change the variant separator and the section heading, so that the config looks like this:

envlist = py{27,32}+mypkg*
+deps = mypkg==13

That makes config more consistent and fits with the intuitive meaning of +. It also makes the difference between : and :+ hard to miss, whereas people might not notice that variants require a different separator if they just scanned the current spec (it took me a while to grasp).

I've compared it to the Travis version: 1 2. They are both equally powerful. In Travis, coordinating dependency changes with command changes (like in the Django examples) requires the matrix/include settings; on the other hand, with Travis the common use case where you don't need to coordinate multiple variants is simpler, and excluding variants is simpler.

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  1. Holger Krekel repo owner

    thanks for the feedback. No Impl efforts yet. There are various bits for tox work in the pipeline, not sure what is going to come first. See ISSUES.txt in the repo for current ideas.

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