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Issue #77 on hold

can't install new extras for target package

Takayuki Shimizukawa
created an issue

How do I install extras_require field's packages in test target?

For example:

  • test target is "Sphinx".
  • The "Sphinx" in developing have new extras_require field in setup.py that name is "websupport".
  • If I install by hand, I'll invoke "pip install -e .[websupport]".

In this case, deps = sphinx[websupport] in tox.ini will not bring the expected results because tox get "Sphinx" package from PyPI (not local test target), but "Sphinx" was uploaded at PyPI not have [websupport] extras_requires yet.

Comments (9)

  1. Tom Prince

    You can actually use

    commands =
         pip install sphinx[websupport]

    pip won't get sphinx from pypi, since it will already be installed, but will install the dependencies of the extras.

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