support testing the sdist of a project

Issue #83 on hold
Chris Jerdonek created an issue

This issue is to add support for testing the "sdist" version of a project in addition to testing an install.

The reason for this request is that a source checkout may include more tests than what's included in the installed version. For example, a source checkout may include tests of certain functionality in (which doesn't itself get installed), or other types of extra tests (e.g. doctests of documentation files which don't get installed).

It's possible that this feature is already supported, or that there are good reasons that this needn't be supported.

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  1. Holger Krekel repo owner

    Makes sense to be able to specify a package or an URL and have things be automatically figured out from there. I actually just added a --installpkg=PATH/to/PKG option but it will work from the local tox.ini, so you also need a checkout which kills your use case. Instead, the option should download/unpack the archive in some tempdir, and work with the tox.ini it finds therein.

  2. Chris Jerdonek reporter

    so you also need a checkout which kills your use case.

    Actually, the use case I had in mind did assume a checkout, but maybe what you're thinking of is more general.

    To be more specific, I'd like to run tox from a source checkout like I do normally, but specify in my tox.ini that one or more test environments run tests from the sdist generated by running python sdist from the checkout (moving the archive into the tox environment, expanding it if necessary, etc). I was thinking of some sort of flag in the test environment section like sdist=True.

    This seems a bit different from what you're suggesting in that your use case assumes the sdist has already been generated.

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