`docs` target failing on hg tip

Issue #85 on hold
Marc Abramowitz created an issue

tox -e docs is failing on hg tip (33d2d5195d82).

~/dev/hg-repos/tox$ tox -e docs
check_sphinx.py:3: test_build_docs FAILED
check_sphinx.py:10: test_linkcheck FAILED
(line   6) http://bit.ly/Ly3K4f - broken: HTTP Error 404: Not Found
/Users/marca/dev/hg-repos/tox/doc/config-v2.txt:110: WARNING: Literal block expected; none found.
/Users/marca/dev/hg-repos/tox/doc/support.txt:22: ERROR: Unknown target name: "experienced well-known python developers".
/Users/marca/dev/hg-repos/tox/doc/config-v2.txt:: WARNING: document isn't included in any toctree

Here are some tweaks I made to make it pass:


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  1. Marc Abramowitz reporter

    Verified with 69e75192ec3a.

    ~/dev/hg-repos/tox$ tox -e docs
    check_sphinx.py:3: test_build_docs PASSED
    check_sphinx.py:10: test_linkcheck PASSED
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