pypy and its install of virtualenv too much for testsuite

Issue #88 on hold
idella5 created an issue

See attachment for what happens when I added pypy suuport to tox and let it loose on the tox testsuite.

culminating in

File "/usr/lib64/pypy1.9/site-packages/", line 1629, in fix_lib64 "Unexpected python lib dir: %r" % lib_dir) AssertionError: Unexpected python lib dir: 'python'

ERROR: InvocationError: /usr/lib64/pypy1.9/pypy-c /usr/lib64/pypy1.9/site-packages/ --distribute python

Is this a tox test suite invoked trip, or is it something to handball to virtualenv? I am taking a punt at the way pypy installs its libdir is a bit much when it has

dev-python/tox $ ls /usr/lib64/pypy1.9/

include lib_pypy lib-python pypy-c restkit share site-packages socketpool

Hmm, which one to choose???? lib-python or lib_pypy???? eeeeer?

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