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Issue #97 on hold

tox 1.4.3 {[section]name} substitution does not work in general

Krisztian Fekete
created an issue

I am trying to reuse tox.ini with minimal changes between projects/packages - the only variation is in deps and the project/package name (see package section below). I want commands to be the same, so I tried to define an ini variable for package name and reference it from commands without success:


name = whatever
deps =
    # package specific dependencies


envlist = py27


deps =

    # needed by commands

commands =
    coverage erase
    coverage run {envbindir}/nosetests
    coverage report --show-missing --include={[package]name}/*
    pyflakes {[package]name}
    pep8 {[package]name}

I get tox.ConfigError: ConfigError: substitution key '[package]name' not found with this config.

It looks like the ini reading is restricted to known keys only ({[package]deps} in [testenv]deps works!), so it is currently not possible to introduce & reference new, unknown-to-tox, keys.

A potentially related issue is #38 {[section]name} subsitution does not work for commands

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