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#49 Merged at bfc4a27

Make software installation more configurable

  1. Monty Taylor

There are a few different things that would really help OpenStack out a ton. These are the first of them. Creating an sdist everytime is very costly, we'd like to stop doing it.

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  1. Holger Krekel repo owner

    thanks Monty. See my inline comments. Also a test for usedevelop is needed.
    Please also add some example usage of the new features to the examples documentation.

  2. Holger Krekel repo owner

    thanks! Are you sure, btw, that you want to have skipsdist and particularly usedevelop as permanent tox.ini options? i'd think usedevelop is something for usage from the command line.

  3. Monty Taylor author

    Definitely... we have helper scripts in our repos in OpenStack that currently make venvs because of the cost hit. It's one of the perils of having the mass of devs we have - we want to keep config about the 'best' way to run things in the repos themselves, else people get unhappy about things.

    I think for our case, we pretty much always want the develop flag on in all of our projects all the time.

    That said - it might be a useful thing for other folks to be able to trigger that from the command line - should I add support for that?

    1. Holger Krekel repo owner

      yes, it would make sense to have a command line opt --develop that would be checked in addition to config.usedevelop. I'd appreciate an updated PR.

  4. Matt Good

    Since this is not yet released, is it too late to change "usedevelop" to a testenv setting instead? I'm looking at using Tox to set up a dev environment along the lines of the proposals in #101, so I want to set "usedevelop" on the "devenv", but install it normally for other environments.

    I'm working on a PR, and I could retain the setting in the [tox] section, but it seems redundant then, since you could also set it in [testenv] if you want it by default for all environments.

  5. Monty Taylor author

    I'm fine with it moving to a testenv setting - the main reason for having it global was the tying of the default value of skipsdist to it. But, there have been good points made about it really being a testenv property. So for my usecase, perhaps I can just add skipsdist to [tox] and then usedevelop to my global [testenv] and everything I've ever wanted to do will be happymaking.

  6. Matt Good

    Cool, thanks for the feedback. I looked at the behavior for "skipsdist" and kept the behavior compatible if "usedevelop = True" for all environments that are being built. See PR #55.