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.. _support:

support and contact channels

Getting in contact:

* join the `Testing In Python (TIP) mailing list`_ for general and tox/test-tool
  interaction questions.
* file a `report on the issue tracker`_
* hang out on the #pylib channel
* `clone the mercurial repository`_ and submit patches
* the `tetamap blog`_, `holger's twitter presence`_ or 
  for private inquiries holger krekel at gmail.

professional support

.. note:: Upcoming: `professional testing with pytest and tox <`>`_ , 24th-26th June 2013, Leipzig.

If you are looking for on-site teaching or consulting support,
contact holger at ``_, an association of
experienced `well-known Python developers`_.

.. _`well-known Python developers`:
.. _`Maciej Fijalkowski`:
.. _`Benjamin Peterson`:
.. _`Testing In Python (TIP) mailing list`:
.. _`holger's twitter presence`:
.. _``:
.. _`report on the issue tracker`:
.. _`tetamap blog`:
.. _`tox-dev`:
.. _`tox-commit`:
.. _`clone the mercurial repository`: