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 however RhodeCode can be run as standalone hosted application on your own server.
 It is open source and donation ware and focuses more on providing a customized, 
 self administered interface for Mercurial_ and GIT_  repositories. 
-RhodeCode works on *nix systems and Windows it is powered by a vcs_ library 
+RhodeCode works on \*nix systems and Windows it is powered by a vcs_ library 
 that Lukasz Balcerzak and Marcin Kuzminski created to handle multiple 
 different version control systems.


File contents unchanged.


File contents unchanged.


 import os
 import logging
 import traceback
+import tempfile
 from pylons import request, response, tmpl_context as c, url
 from pylons.i18n.translation import _
         except (ImproperArchiveTypeError, KeyError):
             return _('Unknown archive type')
+        archive = tempfile.NamedTemporaryFile(mode='w+r+b')
+        cs.fill_archive(stream=archive, kind=fileformat, subrepos=subrepos)
         response.content_type = content_type
         response.content_disposition = 'attachment; filename=%s-%s%s' \
-            % (repo_name, revision, ext)
+            % (repo_name, revision[:12], ext)
+        response.content_length = str(os.path.getsize(
-        import tempfile
-        archive = tempfile.mkstemp()[1]
-        t = open(archive, 'wb')
-        cs.fill_archive(stream=t, kind=fileformat, subrepos=subrepos)
-        def get_chunked_archive(archive):
-            stream = open(archive, 'rb')
+        def get_chunked_archive(tmpfile):
             while True:
-                data =
+                data = * 1024)
                 if not data:
-                    os.remove(archive)
+                    tmpfile.close()
                 yield data
-        return get_chunked_archive(archive)
+        return get_chunked_archive(tmpfile=archive)
     @HasRepoPermissionAnyDecorator('', 'repository.write',


         archival.archive(self.repository._repo, stream, self.raw_id,
                          kind, prefix=prefix, subrepos=subrepos)
-        #stream.close()
         if stream.closed and hasattr(stream, 'name'):
             stream = open(, 'rb')
         elif hasattr(stream, 'mode') and 'r' not in stream.mode:


File contents unchanged.