Sebastian Freundt committed 8bbf6d1

minor, provide api function dt_set_default()

Signed-off-by: Sebastian Freundt <>

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 # pragma GCC diagnostic warning "-Wcast-qual"
 #endif	/* __INTEL_COMPILER */
+DEFUN void
+dt_set_default(struct dt_dt_s dt)
+	(void)dflt_tm(&dt);
+	return;
 #endif	/* INCLUDED_date_core_c_ */
 /* dt-core.c ends here */
  * Convert a dt_dt_s to an epoch difference, based on the GPS epoch. */
 extern dt_ssexy_t dt_to_gps_epoch(struct dt_dt_s);
+ * Set specific fallback date/time to use when input is underspecified.
+ * Internally, when no default is set and input is underspecified  the
+ * value of `dt_datetime()' (i.e. now) is used to fill fields up. */
+DECLF void dt_set_default(struct dt_dt_s);
 /* some useful gimmicks, sort of */
 static inline __attribute__((pure, const)) struct dt_dt_s
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