Sebastian Freundt  committed 9ad0d43

Revert "minor, leave a note about our massaging business in strpdt_s objects"

This reverts commit e19e7e539b63e75dde4212a0077e46546d113e2d.

Massaged in values should be transparent.

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File lib/date-core-strpf.h

 			unsigned int c_wcnt_p:1;
 			unsigned int wk_cnt:2;/*%C,%W,%U,%V*/
 			unsigned int real_y_in_q:1;
-			/* whether values in y, m, d have been massaged in */
-			unsigned int ymd_mssgd:1;
 	} flags;
 	signed int b;

File lib/dt-core.c

 			goto out;
 		} = now.tm_mday;
- = 1;
 		/* same for time values, but obtain those through now_tv() */
 		if (UNLIKELY(! {