Sebastian Freundt avatar Sebastian Freundt committed e93fc85

minor, go straight to time massaging in massage_strpdt() when no strpd_s field is set

Signed-off-by: Sebastian Freundt <>;

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 /* the reason we do this separately is that we don't want to bother
  * the pieces of code that use the guesser for different reasons */
 	if (UNLIKELY( == 0U)) {
+		static const struct strpd_s d0 = {};
 		struct tm now = now_tm();
+		if (UNLIKELY(memcmp(&, &d0, sizeof(d0)) == 0U)) {
+			goto msgg_time;
+		}
+ = now.tm_year;
 		if (LIKELY( {
 			goto out;
 		} = now.tm_mday;
+	msgg_time:
 		/* same for time values, but obtain those through now_tv() */
 		if (UNLIKELY(! {
 			struct timeval tv = now_tv();
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