dateutils / src / strptime-clo.ggo

args "--unamed-opts=FMTs --long-help"
package "strptime"
description "Parse input from stdin according to one of the given formats FMTs.
The format string specifiers are the same as for strptime(3)."

option "time" t
	"also display time in the output, default is to display the date"

option "format" f
	"output format as passed to strftime()"
	string optional

option "input-format" i
	"input format as passed to strptime(), can be used multiple times.
If used dates can be specified on the command line, or if left empty they
are read from stdin"
	string optional multiple

option "escape-backslash-sequences" e
	"enable interpretation of backslash escapes in the output and
input format strings"