This is a library that can be seen as extended functionality to PicoLisp's symbol/string and list types but with some additional scripts.

Note that this code is NOT used in production and the files listed below have experienced various degrees of testing. Be careful!

Should work properly without symlinks if placed in the PicoLisp directory and then executing your project.l file from there.

The file list and what each file does:
client.l: wrapper around curl.
cmd.l: wrapper around common Linux commands as well as generic wrapping functionality for calling any command / external script.
hash.l: implements a kind of hash map functionality by way of a wrapper around an association list.
json.l: this is basically Alex's rosetta code json code but with the array marker changed and some more additions to handle common cases.
lst.l: common X liners on lists converted to one liners.
pcre.l: wrapper around pcre.so to give PicoLisp access to regular expressions, se also so/pcre.c for the C source of pcre.so.
str.l: common X liners on strings converted to one liners.
qlst.l: used to query the contents of arbitrary nested lists for matches.
redis.l: used to access the Redis key-value store.
sqlimport.l: used to import SQL data dumped by mysqldump.
introspection.l: used to introspect the running system.
log.l: small logging framework, original by andreas@itship.ch.
mysql.l: MySQL connection with the help of the C API functions in combination with the native functionality.
dt.l: date arithmetics and date range generation.