I wanted a desktop indexer that would index the contents of tar.bz2, tar.gz, .zip and .rar files too, couldn't find one so I wrote one in PicoLisp instead.

This script will index recursively and save all file names as children of a directory. Partial string search on directory and file names is then possible. No file contents will be parsed, this script is mainly for searching for old forgotten files in old archives.

This script can also be seen as a showcase of the Ext library on which it depends, so the below won't work if you don't download Ext first. This script also depends on unzip, unrar and tar.

1.) Usage if downloaded to /opt/picolisp/projects/indexer: pil projects/indexer/indexer.l "/some/directory/you/want/to/parse" Note that you have to uncomment one or several of the three bottommost lines in the script first.

2.) After parsing is done, search using: pil projects/indexer/search.l "my search string" Don't forget to comment the lines you uncommented in #1 first.