Manage Versions Icon is missing on certain screens

Issue #15 resolved
Vilnius Ramanauskas created an issue

Manage Versions Icon is missing while not in Manage Versions screen on Kanban Board

Stept to reproduce:

  1. Open Kanban Board for a project having Manage Versions assigned to you.

  2. Open one of - "Active Sprints" or "Backlog" screens.

  3. Manage Versions icon is missing:


Comments (8)

  1. Holger Schimanski repo owner

    Okay, can reproduce it and know how to fix it. Will release a bugfix release 1.1.4 soon.

  2. Holger Schimanski repo owner

    Icon and CSS was just for context jira.browse.project but needs to be available also for jira.general and jira.admin.

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