Error with date picker in Jira 8

Issue #17 resolved
Holger Schimanski repo owner created an issue

To set or edit the release date, Version Manager for Jira plugin uses AUI date picker.

Because of a bug in AUI 8 which is part of Jira 8, AUI date picker is not correctly working.

Fixing this by the AUI team, needs a fix in AUI 8, which likely will not be updated soon in any Jira 8 maintenance release.

Therefor an alternative date picker needs to be implemented.

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  1. Holger Schimanski reporter

    Investigating to use the same date picker as using in Jira Create Issue dialog for Due Date or in other situations in Jira. This date picker is a customized version of DHTML date picker.

    No official documentation exists, so therefor some investigation is needed.

    Some documentation here

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