Remove archived versions from Manage Versions page

Issue #5 resolved
Team Infrastruktur created an issue

We have over one hundred already released and archived Versions, which are all displayed on the "Manage Versions" page. A quick filter (like the one on "Releases" page) would be very useful to hide the archived versions.

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  1. Holger Schimanski repo owner

    I am thinking about to generally remove "archived" versions from this page of Version Manager for JIRA. Would that solve your issue? (It is much simpler to implement that the quick filter). Hope you have hundrets of archived, but not hunderds of released version?

  2. Team Infrastruktur reporter

    Yes, it would be suitable for us to generally fade out the archived versions. The Administrators (with the right "Manage Projects") can unarchive the versions in case they are needed again.

  3. Holger Schimanski repo owner

    Okay, will release a new version of the plugin quite soon to remove archived version from the Manage Versions page.

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