Date input fields requires input format dd/MMM/yy

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Team Infrastruktur created an issue

The date input fields for start date and publishing date does not respect the date format settings in JIRA. There are two places in JIRA, where date formats are configured (see attached screenshots). Both are set to German date format, but input is forced in dd/MMM/yy. This is rather unacceptable for our user group. User, which are not familiar with the date format dd/MMM/yy wish to use their country's standard. Administrators wish to configure the desired date format.

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  1. Holger Schimanski repo owner

    I am currently using the locale of the profile of the user. So it differentiates between 01/Oct/17 vs. 01/Okt/17, but always uses dd/MMM/yy.

    This is definitly something to be fixed, so that is used.

    But the calendar date picker works? The date picker should help you to provide the date in the required format. (Just to check the urgency of this fix.)

    Best regards, Holger

  2. Team Infrastruktur reporter

    The date picker itself works fine. It is just the manual input, which is not locale specific and thus not as expected.

  3. Freddy Boulot

    With Jira in French, the datepicker is in English for this page (French in other page) but the plugin control date in French.

  4. Holger Schimanski repo owner

    Issues with internationalization should be fixed with switching to ISO yyyy-mm-dd and release of version 1.1.5.

    But the original request, that the date picker should respect the date format setting of the Jira instance, is still not solved. Therefor I keep this ticket open.

  5. Karlheinz Huber

    I have installed the versionmanger. I have the same issue with date input not working with German language interface settings. The calendar date picker also does not work. So this issue is quite urgent for me.

  6. Holger Schimanski repo owner

    Which version of Jira and which version of the Version Manager for Jira are you using?

  7. Holger Schimanski repo owner

    Thanks! Will check to prepare a support release for Jira 7.12 with ISO date format. That should solve your issue.

  8. Holger Schimanski repo owner

    I have released a new version 1.1.6 with change to ISO date format, that is compatible with Jira 7.10 to Jira 8. By that the multi-language and internationalization problems with the date picker or manual input are solved, because ISO date uses only digits e.g. 2019-03-27.

    I am not planning to support configuration param in Jira to be used in the Version Manager for Jira, because of the significant effort in implementation and testing. I am therefor closing this issue. Hope you are fine with this decision.

    Best regards, Holger

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