Virgil Dupras committed c691fd3

Fixed HSComboBox to support programmatically created NSComboBox better by setting attributes that are set in XIBs but not programatically.

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     [super setView:aComboboxView];
     if (aComboboxView != nil) {
+        [aComboboxView setUsesDataSource:YES];
         [aComboboxView setDataSource:self];
         [aComboboxView setAction:@selector(comboboxViewSelectionChanged)];
         [aComboboxView setTarget:self];
+        /* This is required for the combobox to send its action whenever it's changed. Normally, it's
+           already set, but then the combobox is created programmatically (xibless), it's not. We
+           make sure it is here.
+        */
+        [[aComboboxView cell] setSendsActionOnEndEditing:YES];
         [self refresh];