Sergey Maranchuk avatar Sergey Maranchuk committed 23f4401

fix #255: add author field to rss; fix path in makefile

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     def item_pubdate(self, obj):
         return obj.created
+    def item_author_name(self, item):
+        return item.user.username
 class LastPosts(ForumFeed):
     title = _('Latest posts on forum')
     description = _('Latest posts on forum')
     title_template = 'djangobb_forum/feeds/posts_title.html'
-    description_template = 'djangobb_forumfeeds/posts_description.html'
+    description_template = 'djangobb_forum/feeds/posts_description.html'
     def get_object(self, request):
         user_groups = request.user.groups.all()
 .PHONY: pep8 pyflakes clean
 pep8 :
-	pep8 --statistics --show-pep8 --filename=*.py --exclude='venv' ../djangobb
+	pep8 --statistics --show-pep8 --filename=*.py --exclude='venv' ../djangobb_forum
 pyflakes :
-	find ../djangobb -name '*.py' -not \( -path '*/venv/*'  \) -exec pyflakes {} \;
+	find ../djangobb_forum -name '*.py' -not \( -path '*/venv/*'  \) -exec pyflakes {} \;
 clean :
-	find ../djangobb -type f -name '*.pyc' -delete
+	find ../djangobb_forum -type f -name '*.pyc' -delete
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