Andry Bel avatar Andry Bel committed e93616e

Users can delete all your posts and topics.
Tested on version 0.0.1a0 (end August 2013).

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     if not (request.user.is_superuser or\
         request.user in or \
-        (post.user == request.user and post == last_post)):
+        (post.user == request.user)):
         messages.success(request, _("You haven't the permission to delete this post."))
         return HttpResponseRedirect(post.get_absolute_url())
     data = convert_text_to_html(data, markup)
     if forum_settings.SMILES_SUPPORT:
         data = smiles(data)
-    return render(request, 'djangobb_forum/post_preview.html', {'data': data})
+    return render(request, 'djangobb_forum/post_preview.html', {'data': data})
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