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me v5.7.1

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-	<string>5.7.0</string>
+	<string>5.7.1</string>


+- date: 2010-01-19
+  version: 5.7.1
+  description: |
+    * The Mac OS X version of dupeGuru ME is now 64-bit!
+    * Improved memory usage for Contents scans. (#75)
+    * Improved scanning speed when ref directories are involved. (#77)
+    * Show a message dialog at the end of the scan if no duplicates are found. (#81)
+    * Re-added the "Remove Dead Tracks in iTunes" menu item which got lost in 5.7.0.
 - date: 2009-12-18
   version: 5.7.0
   description: |
 class DupeGuru(DupeGuruBase):
     LOGO_NAME = 'logo_me'
     NAME = 'dupeGuru Music Edition'
-    VERSION = '5.7.0'
+    VERSION = '5.7.1'
     DELTA_COLUMNS = frozenset([2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8])
     def __init__(self):
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