Virgil Dupras committed df6c663

Don't include PE's compiled modules in source packaging.

It made precise/quantal build fail (py 3.2) when built from raring (py 3.3).

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 b60149097cd86d7f7b9ab1a23337fa302650f025 cocoalib
-9fb7120ebb840245b7a7c859d888e0c6e88d2aaf hscommon
+610169cf28e725212a38774378e792730f2446f9 hscommon
 28a0def7e0b32876dbd4f4dd47d482a45700e341 qtlib
     shutil.copy('', op.join(destpath, ''))
-    copy_packages(packages, destpath)
+    # It's source files we're copying, we don't want to copy .so files
+    copy_packages(packages, destpath, extra_ignores=['*.so'])
     os.remove(op.join(destpath, 'qt', '')) # It doesn't belong in the package.
     shutil.copytree(op.join('build', 'help'), op.join(destpath, 'help'))
     shutil.copytree(op.join('build', 'locale'), op.join(destpath, 'locale'))