dupeguru / build.py

# Created By: Virgil Dupras
# Created On: 2009-12-30
# Copyright 2011 Hardcoded Software (http://www.hardcoded.net)
# This software is licensed under the "BSD" License as described in the "LICENSE" file, 
# which should be included with this package. The terms are also available at 
# http://www.hardcoded.net/licenses/bsd_license

import os
import os.path as op
from optparse import OptionParser
import shutil
import json

from setuptools import setup
from distutils.extension import Extension

from hscommon import sphinxgen
from hscommon.build import (add_to_pythonpath, print_and_do, copy_packages, filereplace,
    get_module_version, build_all_cocoa_locs, build_all_qt_locs, move_all)

def parse_args():
    usage = "usage: %prog [options]"
    parser = OptionParser(usage=usage)
    parser.add_option('--clean', action='store_true', dest='clean',
        help="Clean build folder before building")
    parser.add_option('--doc', action='store_true', dest='doc',
        help="Build only the help file")
    parser.add_option('--loc', action='store_true', dest='loc',
        help="Build only localization")
    (options, args) = parser.parse_args()
    return options

def build_cocoa(edition, dev):
    from pluginbuilder import build_plugin
    print("Building dg_cocoa.plugin")
    if dev:
        tocopy = ['cocoa/inter']
        specific_packages = {
            'se': ['core_se'],
            'me': ['core_me'],
            'pe': ['core_pe'],
        tocopy = ['core', 'hscommon', 'cocoa/inter'] + specific_packages
    copy_packages(tocopy, 'build')
    cocoa_project_path = 'cocoa/{0}'.format(edition)
    shutil.copy(op.join(cocoa_project_path, 'dg_cocoa.py'), 'build')
    # We have to exclude PyQt4 specifically because it's conditionally imported in hscommon.trans
    build_plugin('dg_cocoa.py', excludes=['PyQt4'], alias=dev)
    pluginpath = op.join(cocoa_project_path, 'dg_cocoa.plugin')
    if op.exists(pluginpath):
    shutil.move('build/dist/dg_cocoa.plugin', pluginpath)
    if dev:
        # In alias mode, the tweakings we do to the pythonpath aren't counted in. We have to
        # manually put a .pth in the plugin
        pthpath = op.join(pluginpath, 'Contents/Resources/dev.pth')
        open(pthpath, 'w').write(op.abspath('.'))
    print('Generating Info.plist')
    app_version = get_module_version('core_{}'.format(edition))
    filereplace('InfoTemplate.plist', 'Info.plist', version=app_version)
    print("Building the XCode project")
    args = ['-project dupeguru.xcodeproj']
    if dev:
        args.append('-configuration dev')
        args.append('-configuration release')
    args = ' '.join(args)
    os.system('xcodebuild {0}'.format(args))
    print("Creating the run.py file")
    subfolder = 'dev' if dev else 'release'
    app_path = {
        'se': 'cocoa/se/build/{0}/dupeGuru.app',
        'me': 'cocoa/me/build/{0}/dupeGuru\\ ME.app',
        'pe': 'cocoa/pe/build/{0}/dupeGuru\\ PE.app',
    tmpl = open('run_template_cocoa.py', 'rt').read()
    run_contents = tmpl.replace('{{app_path}}', app_path)
    open('run.py', 'wt').write(run_contents)

def build_qt(edition, dev):
    print("Building Qt stuff")
    print_and_do("pyrcc4 -py3 {0} > {1}".format(op.join('qt', 'base', 'dg.qrc'), op.join('qt', 'base', 'dg_rc.py')))
    print("Creating the run.py file")
    tmpl = open('run_template_qt.py', 'rt').read()
    run_contents = tmpl.replace('{{edition}}', edition)
    open('run.py', 'wt').write(run_contents)

def build_help(edition):
    print("Generating Help")
    current_path = op.abspath('.')
    help_basepath = op.join(current_path, 'help', 'en')
    help_destpath = op.join(current_path, 'build', 'help'.format(edition))
    changelog_path = op.join(current_path, 'help', 'changelog_{}'.format(edition))
    tixurl = "https://hardcoded.lighthouseapp.com/projects/31699-dupeguru/tickets/{0}"
    appname = {'se': 'dupeGuru', 'me': 'dupeGuru Music Edition', 'pe': 'dupeGuru Picture Edition'}[edition]
    homepage = 'http://www.hardcoded.net/dupeguru{}/'.format('_' + edition if edition != 'se' else '')
    confrepl = {'edition': edition, 'appname': appname, 'homepage': homepage}
    sphinxgen.gen(help_basepath, help_destpath, changelog_path, tixurl, confrepl)

def build_localizations(ui, edition):
    print("Building localizations")
    if ui == 'cocoa':
        build_all_cocoa_locs(op.join('cocoa', 'base'))
        build_all_cocoa_locs(op.join('cocoa', edition))
    elif ui == 'qt':
        print("Building .ts files")
        build_all_qt_locs(op.join('qt', 'lang'), extradirs=[op.join('qtlib', 'lang')])

def build_pe_modules(ui):
    print("Building PE Modules")
    exts = [
        Extension("_block", [op.join('core_pe', 'modules', 'block.c'), op.join('core_pe', 'modules', 'common.c')]),
        Extension("_cache", [op.join('core_pe', 'modules', 'cache.c'), op.join('core_pe', 'modules', 'common.c')]),
    if ui == 'qt':
        exts.append(Extension("_block_qt", [op.join('qt', 'pe', 'modules', 'block.c')]))
    elif ui == 'cocoa':
            "_block_osx", [op.join('core_pe', 'modules', 'block_osx.m'), op.join('core_pe', 'modules', 'common.c')],
                "-framework", "CoreFoundation",
                "-framework", "Foundation",
                "-framework", "ApplicationServices",]
        script_args = ['build_ext', '--inplace'],
        ext_modules = exts,
    move_all('_block_qt*', op.join('qt', 'pe'))
    move_all('_block*', 'core_pe')
    move_all('_cache*', 'core_pe')

def build_normal(edition, ui, dev):
    print("Building dupeGuru {0} with UI {1}".format(edition.upper(), ui))
    build_localizations(ui, edition)
    print("Building dupeGuru")
    if edition == 'pe':
    if ui == 'cocoa':
        build_cocoa(edition, dev)
    elif ui == 'qt':
        build_qt(edition, dev)

def main():
    options = parse_args()
    conf = json.load(open('conf.json'))
    edition = conf['edition']
    ui = conf['ui']
    dev = conf['dev']
    if dev:
        print("Building in Dev mode")
    if options.clean:
        if op.exists('build'):
    if not op.exists('build'):
    if options.doc:
    elif options.loc:
        build_localizations(ui, edition)
        build_normal(edition, ui, dev)

if __name__ == '__main__':
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