guiskel / README

guiskel -- Skeletons for Python gui applications

You'd like to create a new desktop GUI app, but you're not sure what toolkit to pick? With guiskel,
you can fool around with pre-created toy projects in every GUI toolkit supported by Python.


1. Install Python 3.2+
2. Install project-dependant dependencies.
3. Run "python <sub-project name>"
4. Run "python"


 - PyQt 4.8+ from
 - XCode 4
 - ObjP from
 - None
 - PyGObject 3.0


These skeleton projects follow a design pattern I called "cross-toolkit development" and I talk
about in in my article at . You might
want to read about it.

I lied to you, it's not all GUI supported by Python that are included here, just a few, but that's
because I don't know them all! Please, feel free to contribute your own skeleton project! Repository
is at
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