Virgil Dupras committed 6266a54

When copying the whole distutils package (as an exception), don't keep the rather big *.exe files that come with it.

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 from setuptools import setup, Extension
 from .plat import ISWINDOWS
-from .util import modified_after, find_in_path, ensure_folder
+from .util import modified_after, find_in_path, ensure_folder, delete_files_with_pattern
 def print_and_do(cmd):
         copy(p, dest_path)
     copy_packages([op.join(real_lib_prefix, 'distutils')], dest_folder)
+    # There's a couple of rather big exe files in the distutils folder that we absolutely don't
+    # need. Remove them.
+    delete_files_with_pattern(op.join(dest_folder, 'distutils'), '*.exe')
 def fix_qt_resource_file(path):
     # pyrcc4 under Windows, if the locale is non-english, can produce a source file with a date